Why WorldWise Franchise?

So you want to franchise your business...and you're not kidding?

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Let's talk about our one hour consultation where I'm likely to tell you why you shouldn't franchise dependant on your responses.  Or perhaps...that you absolutely should.

First let me mention that there are a MULTITUDE of companies/consultants and "franchise developers" who will be happy to take your money, get you entirely set up for franchising, enrich everyone who they got involved in the process, and then send you on your merry way.  Hopes and aspirations for market dominance and the thought of your becoming the next "big thing" aside, you'll likely have the tools necessary to begin the journey.  The question becomes, should you have begun this journey in the first place?  Your "heart" is likely to speak volumes about why you believe you'll be successful and that franchising is precisely for you but...have you really surveyed the landscape and used your head?  Have you built a better mousetrap or are you engaged in what is dubbed the "disruptive" tactic approach?  What made you consider franchising in the first place and why? 

Perhaps you believe you give a better haircut or that your product will actually clean the light lenses of auto's worldwide.  Maybe your self-serve yogurt idea is better than others' because your strawberries are farm grown naturally...or, maybe, just maybe your senior care idea is as timely as the dozens of others surfacing daily.  Or wait, you've got the greatest business concerning the cleaning of clothes dryer vents...people are awestruck!  You can deliver a pizza in under 10 minutes...or provide fake eyelashes to every woman on the face of the earth.  I don't wish to demean any of the above but think about it...is this similar to what you have in mind?

Our initial consultation will become a no holds barred discussion concerning your project, its viability, your projections compared to what might very well be "reality," and not in the least unimportant, your ability to finance the development of your business.  One thing is for absolutely certain...our conversation will be a "no nonsense" straight forward and blatant conversation.  You'll either love or hate what I may have to tell you.  From that point the decision will be entirely yours.

Contact us today for a down to earth conversation on the prospect of your future in franchising.