Is Franchise Grade a lead portal in disguise?

I’ve found that many who started out attempting to do the right thing simply wind up as lead generating web portals with a couple committees thrown in for good measure. 

There is seriously no “Grading” of franchisors and “Business Reviews” are sketchy at best. 

Even “Rankings” are simply solicitations of those on your subscriber list.  The more extensive the list the higher the ranking.

This is when the research and due diligence become most important.  Don’t rely on the information provided by these fact finding sites.  They are likely lead generating sites disguised.

Use caution when doing your research as these sites routinely collect your personal information and then sell it as “leads”.   These “leads” are sold time and time again, over and over, to as many as will buy them.

Your personal information is often just a click away so click expeditiously knowing your information may very well go into the lead generating abyss.