The “slice” that isn’t

Recently, an interesting volley took place on the favorite gabfest site, LinkedIn. 

That comment isn’t made to sound sarcastic as I’m on it daily, otherwise known as every day.

So, we’re in the middle of a conversation, generally speaking of Franchising, the rule, new proposed legislation, and subject matter like that.

Up pops a person whom I’ve never heard a word about nor know of, and he goes on to criticize one particularly strong Advocate for Franchisees for speaking badly about Franchising. 

Of course, this is hardly the case. Some of us have made our living in Franchising and development or owned our own. Both were true in this discussion, and our Advocate only speaks of bad actors and bad legislation. 

His ad hominem “attack” prompted a quick look at his profile and what experience he had acquired. 

As it turns out, the man is the founder of a thing called “Slice Nation Pizza Co.®.

I immediately visited the site because I was curious, read of the endeavor, and gleefully clicked on locations.   

Low and behold, I found this:

I found an incredible mash of non-existent locations and some creative renderings of the man’s dream, including one “sign” inserted over an existing something in a mall. 

The bottom line is the man doesn’t yet have a horse in the race. Not a single location, and not even sure there’s an FDD; I didn’t look, nor do I care. 

Perhaps this post will provide him with some exposure, and I certainly don’t wish the man nor his company and people any ill will, but, 

I suggest that before this guy goes into a typing frenzy, to then only delete his posts and disappear because he was told that selling slices isn’t a new concept (think Rocky Rococo and Sbarro by the Slice concepts), he reads into the discussion a bit and learns about those he’s talking with.

He probably should read a few profiles and understand the perspective of those in the discussion.  

That written I wish him all the best and to learn a bit more about equitable standards in Franchising, including “Total Quality Franchising,” which I’d be happy to explain to him, privately and not publically.

He’s already done all the embarrassing to himself that was needed. All the best.