Advancing The franchise Space – It’s TIME

I’m seriously looking forward to how the International Franchise Association and its Chief Lobbyist, Matthew Haller, proceed in achieving the following 2023 objectives, as he stated relative to some new and some re-appointed directors:

“This new group of directors will bring a wealth of experience to the IFA Board at a time critical for franchising,” said Matthew Haller

“The IFA Board is integral in guiding the organization in our mission to protect, enhance, and promote franchising – representing some of the best in franchising and working to continually move the organization and the entire franchising sector forward. They each bring unique contributions and perspectives, and we look forward to the leadership they will provide to the Association in the years ahead.”

These new board members do indeed have extensive experience in the space. Only know of a few of them; however, how many will advocate for the transformational change necessary in franchising on behalf of the many Cherished Franchisees subject to unfair practices in the space as well? For example, the “Franchise Bill of Rights,” a copy of which can be found in this post.

No doubt, this is a relatively impressive group that likely knows how to improve advocacy for existing and future Franchisees if they desired.

I speculate they could write a new Federal Trade Commission rule concerning the changes necessary in franchising, as can the IFA’s consortium of its attorneys, and submit it (C’mon now, you know I’m right).

Wishing the 2023 Board all the best and hope to be able to applaud your efforts in considering the substantive change necessary in franchising.

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