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Franchise Educations: I recently had the pleasure of speaking with and getting to know Attorney Keith Kanouse, who has long been practicing franchise law within his extensive “wheelhouse.”

Keith was good enough to share with me many of the articles he’s authored and written in collaboration with, in some cases, other attorneys.

With the express permission of Counselor Kanouse, here you’ll find exceptional articles and information.

The articles, in some instances, are a bit older but have aged exceptionally well.  It is my honor and privilege to bring them to you with the permission of a brilliant franchise attorney, Mr. Keith Kanouse – Franchise Education

These articles are not to be used without express authorization and appropriate credit given to their Author, Keith Kanouse. 

Attorney Kanouse can be reached at  

Why You Need a Franchise Lawyer When Buying a Franchise

When the Tenant is a Franchisee – Accommodating the Franchisor’s Requirements

Successful Franchisee Associations

Issues to be Negotiated in a Franchise Agreement

Important Contract Issues to Negotiate for Area Developers Area Representatives and Subfranchisors 2

I Wished I Had Hired a Franchise Lawyer When I Bought the Franchise

Glossary of Franchise Terms

FTC Franchise Registry

Buying or Selling an Existing Franchise Unit

Collective Negotiation of Franchise Agreements

Defense of Nondisclosure of Liability for Lost Profits

Determining the Business Entity Best for Your Business

Are Materials Changes to Renewal FA