Anti-Franchisee Site – NoFranchiseTimes

Remember this little gem?

The Anti-Franchisee site,

Did the Franchisee community a significant service by posting the links below on their recent LinkedIn Post located, we’re sure, in some hidden cave where the “team” resides.

Unknowingly and without thinking, the anti-Franchisee “team” behind the post has helped by republishing the potential and actual fraud by bad franchisor actors written up by the investigative journalists at the  magazine and online resource.

To ensure they don’t suddenly disappear, I bring them to you here for your continued reading and understanding that these links are meant to discourage when they do the precise opposite. Unfortunately, the neanderthal team behind this little endeavor doesn’t quite get it.

I wish to thank this secretly covert operation,, for using their redacted Tucows hosted page to attempt to stifle news concerning bad acting and scrupulous franchise frauds when they’ve actually helped by bringing more attention to the issues, the silly little people.

Thanks go out to Franchisee Advocate Keith Miller for bringing this egregious silly little piece of trash to the forefront.

We’re waiting for the https://International Franchise to step in and perhaps do something to thwart the efforts of this nefarious little tribe of miscreants.  Do you think they might? (I say “fat chance”) but we’ll see.